Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shirley's in Hampton, TN

Ever been to an old garage? This one is well worth the trip and one of the hidden treasures of the area. Grant and Shirley Sharp converted an old garage into a wonderful country cooking restaurant that stays packed whenever they are open. Be warned that they are only open from Spring to Fall and only of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but that is enough. Country plates are available but the best way to eat there is family style with a group. First and appetizer comes out, which for us was a great potato soup. The group then chooses 2 of the main dishes that are available, usually boneless fried chicken, roast beef, steak and gravy, meatloaf, and country ham, then every side that they have comes along. The dishes are placed on the table and are passed around to allow the group to eat like a family. The side that were there when I last ate there were mashed potatoes with gravy, soup beans, green beans, cabbage, slaw, mac and cheese, biscuits, apples, cornbread salad, corn, and probably some that I can't remember. Then everyone gets to choose a dessert which were on that evening, blueberry cobbler, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, fudge cake, and Carmel cake all of which were served with optional ice cream and coffee. Bring the family or friends, loosen your belt and dig in. Shirley's is located on Hwy 321 beside Watauga Lake a few miles past the town of Hampton.

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